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The years with Iz  have meant that I barely drove or took responsibility for things like meeting planes and my confidence is in the muddy pits. Nevertheless, today I shall drive to Coffs Airport and meet his Girl.

Let’s do it. Put all other things aside for now and go driving.



lynne purple

Today I were to pick SK up from the Coffs Airport. I had several other missions in mind and woke gloriously capable of carrying them out. John Baker in New Zealand suggested that I wear purple and so I did. It was a warm day and blue skied.

SK didn’t make the flight but I did get some other tasks done as well as some socialising.

I dropped my ACAT forms into the Last Resort although I have given up hope now. Kind of. I also got to a meeting and posted off my cataract surgery papers. Checked the Mail. My friend in Eungai had sent me $100. These monies make a big difference.

Lis made spag bol for me and I picked it up from her and had lunch at her home on Yellow Rock.

Pete and Ede took the Kombi in for me. To Biggs for the pink slip.

What’s done is done and what is not done is not done.

Soon, perhaps, I shall be able to do some reminiscing.

me and tea.jpg