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Friday used to be my favourite evening. I was never sure why but it was. I am not so certain about that now. Its the evening before he went running and didn’t come home.

Today has had some tough spots. The Girls and I went to the Hostel. A little chilling with hospital beds and alarm systems. And my Saffron looking rather unnerved at the thought of more loss. My Girl looking a little shattered at her mother being ” institutionalised”. None of us used that word but I felt like it.

We checked the PO Box and there is still no mail. No death certificate. We lunched at Urunga Bakery. Twice I have cried in there. This time Gemma F came around the counter and hugged me and wept. Its a wonderful thing.To have a community weeping with me.

We ate at the tables and Sally and Marnie came along. More tearfulness.

There is snow in Ebor and Armidale. The gas ran out and I ordered more.  That came and I have paid for it online.

I had arranged to go to Anchors Wharf Restaurant for dinner with Vanessa to Listen to Sandra Clark and almost reneged but in the end I went. Izzy and I usually went in on Fridays and listened.

Dr Olivia called twice today. My blood tests show some problems including negative liver changes and low potassium. She said the idea of my going to the hostel put a little skip in her step. She was pretty severe regarding my health.

Now its 10.16 pm and the day is just about done. The Eden crew have been on Facetime to me and brought a heap of laughs. My house is warm and all business that I can do today has been done for today.  Time to rest. Our new mattress which we bought only the week before Iz died, is perfect.