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THE END OF JULY 14 2014.

top hat

I posted this on Facebook the morning he died. I was waiting for him to come back to make me a cup of tea. But he didn’t come back.

Today passed better than the last few days. I did a meeting and Sandra and Kate came to visit. I have a fine fellowship of people around me.

I am also considering an aged care facility. I met the manager of the new Raleigh one last night and she told me to come and see her this week. There are no people in there as yet. I don’t know whether that’s what she meant – but I am wondering whether or not its a possible.

I am so tired. I feel so old. And I don’t want to be chained to house and land and possessions.


Am I an aged person now ? Could I be at home in Raleigh ? Is there even room for me ?

This is an interesting thing – this strange thing in my life. I am not acting on the cascading thoughts = – just watching them. Wondering which ones will eventuate. Wondering.

And thinking of him – up there in the forest. He must have been weary and pushing himself and he had no way to contact me for help. O God. Let it have been easy on him and let him not have been scared.