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Bruce McLean Farewell izzy. You gave me the confidence to try new things in my life.
One which happened to be being a roadie for you guys about 23 years ago. So many good times at the Dy.

I took myself to town as I restore myself from the Learned Helplessness of the last 7 years. I love that meeting and the good people. God I love kindness and rational behaviour.

My lad rang when I came home and we actually laughed. I am 27 years clean and sober on a day when Robin Williams killed himself as a result of this disease.

One young man, D.C. told me of a Thai ritual where the monk ties a ribbon round the tree and it is then protected and he is going to do that at Izzy’s Spot.

I did it. I made it through the funeral and I made it through my birthday. I have seemingly made some mistakes this week – but I made it.

robynne lynne