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I used to love Friday evenings. I don’t know why. I just loved them.

lynne carpark

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My thoughts are with you Lynne. one day at a time.Ride the waves and you will always end up on the shore. Even the tsunamis will eventually take you to solid ground.
I was planning to meet a friend today but waves of alarm rise when I have commitments to keep and I went instead out to the Valley to visit with the Kids. I woke up feeling much better this morning but the day became difficult. I was shopping where we often shopped and walking paths we walked and will not walk again.
Warren Cox
Izzy gave so much love, kindness and quiet strength to anyone who was open to accepting it. This causes people to practise creating love in return. In this way, I feel Izzy lives on through the love and joy he created around him, in, and for, other people. What a beauty of a man. What a generous and accepting example of humanity to all of us. Our world has just changed
Val Gray:
Speaking of Izzy  
A gatherer of musical tribes! “
Saffy sad.
Wayne Dwyer 
Headed back to Sydney this morning and was a bit put out because I couldn’t get my music to play from the phone to the car stereo. Driving past the Bongil Bongil Np sign and then the Raleigh turnoff. Suddenly it hit me that I had left the bluetooth set up to use the speaker at the farm. I pulled in at Urunga and fixed it and said “Thanks Iz”
Tonight the Neighbours are having a major bonfire fuelled by petrol. That should be interesting.